Monday, 28 August 2017

What to Know About Sublimation Printer for T Shirts

The word sublimation may be a little bit out of this world once a normal person hears about it and would actually wonder what it means. Sublimation sounds like a scientific term but with simple English, we can say that it is a process by which a solid substance turns into gas without going through the liquid state. Imagine a block of ice, before it evaporates into gas, it first turns into liquid, in sublimation, solid skips the liquid stage and goes directly to the gas stage. This is where a sublimation printer comes in.

A sublimation printer for t shirts is an example of state of the art technology that is available today that printing companies are using to create more accurate and colorful designs to materials like plastic, paper, fabric, etc. This machine uses the technology of computers to generate designs that you can't even imagine possible. Polyester garments are the best choice to use for sublimation printing as well as white or light garments.

But why did the sublimation method came about whereas the old screen printing method still exist? The reason for that is the end product, the screen printing method tends to create designs "on top" of the fabric and on the other hand, sublimation printing gives you prints seen by the eyes and not felt by our fingers unlike screen printing, you can feel the prints when you touch the fabric.

Sublimation prints like those that the screen printing Raleigh NC company do not peel or fade like screen printed designs, dye from sublimation permanently penetrates deep within the fabric, and this is why it does not crack or peel. Now that you have a bit of an idea on how sublimation printer works and what it is used for, you can now try to see and feel for yourself how better dye sublimation is for t shirt printing.

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