Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Raleigh Screen Printing Types of Advertising for Small and Large Businesses

Businesses are mainly focusing on sales, well, that's a fact and sales is the most important goal of a business to survive. Many companies in the market are using different types of techniques for advertising to be noticed and be known by everyone. They strive to put their company's logo anywhere possible, from the t shirt you have to the baseball cap you wear every day, car stickers, and virtually any product that can be printed on. marketing strategies that definitely work all the time. So let's take a look at some of the popular types of advertising that Raleigh screen printing makes for small and large businesses.

Car Magnets

This is the type of advertising that surely can be noticed whenever your company vehicle roams the streets. One that can be customized according to your design or specifications. Businesses often use a funny car magnet to attract customers, which is relatively effective. Car magnets can be easily mounted to your vehicle or any type of metal surface. It is the perfect type of advertising which can be used for any vehicle like a truck, car, SUV and even boats. Why bother to pay more for a tv or radio ad, when you can put car magnets to your company car for advertising and information about your company.

Sublimation T Shirt Printing

Sublimation t shirt printing is the new way of printing garments without you worrying about the print getting peeled off or erased. The use of sublimation t shirt printer technology today gives the power to companies on making high-quality prints unlike the conventional screen printing, thousands of full color and true photo designs can be produced. Sublimation printing can be called a permanent print on garments that would last a very long time, your t shirt could wear out, but the print would not. The difference of sublimation printing from screen printing is the method, screen printing ink only covers the exterior part of the garment but sublimation print penetrates the innermost fibers of the garment for permanent prints with the use of heat pressure, solid dye particles changes into gas without the state of being liquid and bonds with the polymers then going back to a solid state, incredible right?


A type of advertising method is the embroidery of numerous types of fabric from embroidery Raleigh NC. T shirts, caps, or any garment can be embroidered for advertising. Embroidery is used for decades mostly on t shirt designs and caps that helped millions of businesses grow through the years. Company logos and brands are embroidered in different types of apparel not just for designs but also for advertising.

These are just some of the popular advertising methods that a business can use to grow more in the coming days, months, years, or decades. Advertising is a very powerful marketing strategy which is used by small and large companies, so if you are one of those business owners that have just started, you might want to think of the different methods of advertising available to known in the market.

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