Friday, 11 August 2017

Raleigh Screen Print - Continuing and Innovating the Industry

Did you know that the screen printing method started a very long time ago in China in the year 960-1279 AD, imagine how old the method was? It was just in the early 1910s that the method was experimented with different chemicals to revolutionize the commercial screen printing industry, but still, it took many years for the acceptance of the method. Today, in the modern age, people and companies like the Raleigh screen print in NC, which is a printing company that continues to use the screen printing method but with better materials and equipment.

You can always find a screen printing company near you and see for yourself how they use the screen printing method. Many people are now trying to make screen prints at the very comfort of their home, it's easy and the materials you need can be bought at the nearest store, but of course, you can only print one at a time. All the time, there are events or celebrations held at home, in the office, at the park, or anywhere, and you can notice that they wear shirts with the company logo, a birthday celebrant's name or face, or even a slogan, likely the designs are screen printed by a company. Screen companies nowadays use state of the art equipment for producing a big number of screen prints in a short time.

The technology we have today is far more different than those of the screen prints of the past. Before printers can only print one at a time, but now machines does the work fast and perfect. Computers help companies today for better prints plus you can always have the design you want, all you need is to contact a printing company and tell them the details. Printing companies also have a massive list of pre-designs you can choose from for your shirt or any garment you want. Additionally, printing companies nowadays do not just do screen prints for shirts, they also have a long line of printing services from promotional products, embroidery, and signage or banners.

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