Monday, 14 August 2017

4 Types of Jewelry Clasps for Making Unique Jewelry

There are many types of jewelry clasps to choose from when creating unique jewelry. Each of these clasps is differently designed to make each piece of jewelry a priceless one.

Here are 4 types of jewelry clasps for those who want to create their unique jewelry pieces.

Lobster Clasps

This is a kind of clasp that resembles a lobster's claw. It has a spring inside and is self-closing. Made of silver, gold, or any kind of metal, pushing the lever down will open the clasp enabling you to hook another end and when released will lock the clasp. Jewelry clasps like these are available in different sizes and is a popular choice among jewelry makers.

Spring Ring Clasp

This type of jewelry clasp is the most common one with jewelry. Just like the lobster clasp, it also has a spring inside but in a circular shape. There is a small lever on top of the ring of which when pulled will open the clasp letting you hook the other end of the jewelry inside the ring and when released will hold the jewelry in place. This kind of clasp can be sometimes hard to fasten using one hand, especially for bracelets, but if you get the hand of it is a very secure and versatile kind of clasp available for everyday use.

Toggle Clasps

This one gives a bit of elegance to your jewelry, adding this clasp to your piece may give an extra impact on how beautiful your jewelry is. Toggle clasps have two different pieces, one is a shaped like the letter T and the other piece is usually circular. The T-shaped piece of the clasps enters the circular one and will lock itself in place. If you want to have a unique and decorative accent for your jewelry, this type of clasp is perfect for you. This can also be used on different types of jewelry pieces.

Vintage Rhinestone 3 connector clasp

This type of clasp is found with A Grain of Sand, a jewelry findings store that has all the findings and components needed to create unique pieces. The vintage rhinestone 3 connector clasp is 18mm long and is a hook and eye type. Each bar has 4 rhinestone baguettes which is silver toned and most of them have very clear crystals. You can choose this type of clasp for a more exquisite jewelry look and adds a bit of bling for your jewelry.

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