Sunday, 22 January 2017

Know The Delicious French Fries

French fries originated in Belgium or France as the history says and the creators of this fantastic fast food has been disputed over the years. French fries are eaten as a snack or a side dish and not served as a main dish. French fries has numerous names such as chips, wedges, steak fries, fries and many more. This popular food is made out of fresh potatoes and cooked in very hot oil after which is salted and served. Some people make french fries with added ingredients like salt, pepper and garlic but some like it plain potatoes. The only thing that makes it more delicious is the dip. You can dip the fries in ketchup, mayonnaise, garlic dip and so much more.

We are now in the era of fast food where we buy our food in fast food chains that are ready to be taken out for dinner, for lunch and even breakfast. french fries has always been served together with the main course as a side dish in thousands of fast food chains and it really matches any food that you can imagine. These tasty food can be bought or made with different cuts like curly fries, shoestring fries, crinkle-cut fries etc. Whatever the cut is, it will surely be fun to eat french fries all the time.

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