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Long considered the dietary equivalent of television, the much-maligned French Fry has been the subject of continuous attack from doctors, dieticians and parents for decades. It is generally considered more a complementary food than a dish in its own right. Even in England, in thousands of "Chip Shops," the lowly French Fry takes a back seat to a slimy piece of battered haddock deep-fried in months-old oil.

And on the World Wide Web, where one can find just about anything about 20,000 different kinds of mushrooms and a few things on potatoes here and there, as well, there was nary a mention of the luscious French Fry. At least, not until we came along to right this wrong.

French Fries are some of the bestest food around, whether your preference is standard-cut, shoestring-cut, steak-cut, waffle-cut, western steak fries, or even those silly spiral-cut fries. Few have not been tempted by the beckoning aroma. They're great in summer and are warming on a cold winter day.

French Fries are available almost everywhere in the world, and not just at certain fast-food chain restaurants. Many European countries have chip shops which serve hot, fresh French Fries (and usually not potato chips). In some countries, one can even find automatic French Fry vending machines.

French Fries are served in a variety of ways and with a variety of condiments. (Our own condiments pages are here.) How can a food which warrants so many sauces be considered "junk" and a "side dish"?

These pages have been created in order to help people better understand what they have, for so long, taken for granted.

After more than 100,000 visitors came here, our counter broke. There's no point to fixing it, really, especially since it recorded less than half the actual number of visits. It's well over two million now. We think. These days, counters are much more sophisticated but do you really care? We didn't think so.